Anvil closes on £1m funding round to commercialise low cost Silicon Carbide power devices

Anvil Semiconductors has secured backing to develop and commercialise its silicon carbide (SiC)-on-silicon technology for power devices. The unique epitaxial technology opens up the prospect of devices offering silicon carbide performance at the cost of silicon.

The superior operating efficiencies of SiC-based devices, versus those based on conventional silicon, have long made it a material of promise to the industry. However, the high costs of producing devices in SiC has discouraged their widespread adoption, particularly in cost-competitive consumer applications. Use of SiC devices has been largely restricted to niche markets where system benefits justify the cost premium.

Anvil Semiconductors, led by one of its founders  Dr Peter Ward, has developed some unique technology for the production of epitaxial 3C-SiC layers on silicon substrates that promises a step reduction in the cost of manufacturing power switches in this material, aiming to open up high volume SiC device markets. Anvil’s objective is to enable production of SiC materials and devices at costs close to those for conventional silicon.

The company has now secured a £1M investment from a number of investors to allow it to accelerate the development and commercialisation of the technology. The funding round was led by the part-EU funded Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF), and included Ntensive angel investor group, Cambridge Capital Group, several individual angel investors, existing investors Midven and Minerva Business Angels.

Jill Shaw, the CEO of Anvil Semiconductors commented:  
“We are delighted to have closed this funding round. This investment will provide us with the opportunity to further develop our technology and demonstrate its potential to the market”
Noel Forrest  of LCIF commented:  
“Anvil has invented a highly disruptive technology applicable to a large and growing market. The management team has both technical and commercial strength and we wish them every success.”