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Anvil Semiconductors appoints Chairman to lead the commercialisation of 3C-SiC technology for power devices

Following its recent $1.6M investment round, Anvil Semiconductors Ltd today announced the appointment of Martin Lamb as Chairman to lead the company as it commercialises its new technology that promises to open up high volume power device markets for silicon carbide (SiC). The unique SiC-on-silicon epitaxial technology opens up the prospect of devices offering SiC performance at the costs close to those of silicon.

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Anvil Semiconductor wins NMI’s 2013 Innovation in Power Electronics Award


Anvil Semiconductor has won the coveted Innovation in Power Electronics category at the 2013 NMI Electronic Systems Awards ceremony.

The Judges cited Anvil’s development of a unique and highly innovative technology to enable the production of high performance silicon carbide power switches at a similar cost to conventional silicon by growing the silicon carbide on silicon wafers.

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Anvil closes on £1m funding round to commercialise low cost Silicon Carbide power devices

Anvil Semiconductors has secured backing to develop and commercialise its silicon carbide (SiC)-on-silicon technology for power devices. The unique epitaxial technology opens up the prospect of devices offering silicon carbide performance at the cost of silicon.

The superior operating efficiencies of SiC-based devices, versus those based on conventional silicon, have long made it a material of promise to the industry. However, the high costs of producing devices in SiC has discouraged their widespread adoption, particularly in cost-competitive consumer applications. Use of SiC devices has been largely restricted to niche markets where system benefits justify the cost premium.

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